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I was a casual collector of pre-1970 Lesney Matchbox cars. Now I'm probably a little more committed, but not over the edge (don't get my family's opinion of that, however...). I have two displays containing one of each of the roughly 250 different major die styles (according to Charlie Mack's Encyclopedia of Matchbox) of the 'Regular Wheel' Lesney and Moko 1-75 series from 1953-1969. I am not concerned with their 'investment value', so I do not look for mint-in-box models, just clean looking ones. Now I look for some of the other pre-1970 series (some of the MOY (Models of Yesteryear), Major Packs, King Size, etc.) or for the occasional 1-75 model to replace a not-so-clean one in my collection.

I started with the 90+ 1967-1969 models from my childhood, then began augmenting the collection (the few missing from 1968, a few more to complete 1966-1968 group, adding the late 1968-1969 models, adding a few I just like, etc.). Now I'm hooked as an adult as I was as a kid - what fun!

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